Architecture, RTL and Analog Design Services

We provide services as follows.

Architecture, specification & modeling

We are experienced in defining detailed system specification, architecture design and algorithm modeling (i.e. using Matlab or Octave) based on general specification from customers. We carry out staged validations, verifications and testing to ensure that the developed system meet customer expectations.

Finally we also provide project management service for monitoring progress and managing risks related to the project.

Front-end & Back-end design services

The services include:

  • Front-end Design & Verification : RTL design, synthesis, simulation, static timing analysis, formal verification and equivalency checks
  • Design-for-Test : memory and functional BIST, SCAN Insertion/ATPG, JTAG, verification planning
  • Layout : floorplanning, physical P&R
  • DRC/LVS : parasitic extraction, X-talk & IR drop analysis

Custom Analog design

We have experiences in designing high-sample-rate A/D converter and pads.